Izakaya Di Rosco

We have been pushing the Italian food thing pretty hard. You love it,  I love it, everyone loves it.

So let's shake it up: Izakaya Di Rosco coming to Central PA for one night only!

But hold up, what is an Izakaya? Izakaya is essentially the Japanese word for bar; we are the Japanese Bar Di Rosco on Saturday. 

Izakaya, while a foreign word, is not a foreign concept. In Ireland they are pubs, in Italy they are cafes, and  tapas bars in Spain. Izakayas are the Japanese version of a casual, informal bar that serves snacks that go well with alcoholic drinks. The menus vary but are usually split between a core menu and seasonal specials. Customers are expected to order as they proceed through the night rather than ordering all courses at once and food is served quickly as soon as it is ready. As you wind down the night, you order your last dish, the main entree, of either rice or noodle base.

Recently, we were able to get to experience this Izakaya bar cuisine first hand in the states. The beer list was impressive and lengthy. Sake is a typical beverage served and will take the place of a rice dish since sake is made from rice, the customer will choose a noodle dish instead when partaking of sake. However, there were a number of beers that should get their moment. The matcha beer out of Kyoto was a gorgeous true green and tasted sweet and bitter. In it's essence the Izakaya style bar is a chance to try new things and socialize which is perfect for the next event.

On Saturday we will have some familiar items but with a different flair. as well as brand new options. The first thing we are getting excited about is that Arrosticini - YAKITORI STYLE. We will take the Abruzzese arrosticini and change it over to a chicken yakitori. Succulent skewers will be roasted over charcoal and doused with a tangy sweet salty sauce perfect for a snack while you start settling in. 

Another great handheld, the ONIGIRI. Onigiri is a very traditional "to go" food for Japan. These seasoned rice balls can be stuffed with fish, bonito flakes, vegetables, pickled fruit, you name it. We are going with a spicy tuna this week and will liberally season with sesame seed and nori. Who doesn't want a walking spicy tuna roll?

The rest of the menu is being decided and we look forward to presenting rice bowls and stir frys as the main entrees. Drop a comment if you have had the chance to experience a Japanese bar and what your favorite item was.

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