Sopresine (Surprise) Chicken Soup

We have a new pasta shape that we want to share with you! This is a small handmade baby is called sopresine. This delicate shape is similar to a tortellini but without the filling. When completed the small elf ear shaped pasta is perfect for a rich broth or as an addition to soup.

To shape this little pasta you have a square of thin rolled pasta and you pinch the opposite corners together, flip around you finger to create a dent and pinch the remaining corners together. Now do it about 700 more times and then you can make your dinner.

While most of us are accustomed to pasta in sauces and we reserve wide egg noddles for our chicken noodle soup, it is very common in Italy for winter dishes to be made from the broth of a capon and served with pasta, either filled or not filled, for a warming lunch.

Below is a Basic Chicken Soup that you can make in about an hour and then prettied up anyway you want including adding Sopresine pasta


Base Soup Ingredients:

1 whole chicken, rinsed

3 TBSP olive oil

1 onion roughly chopped

2 carrots, roughly chopped

2 celery ribs, roughly chopped

1 bay leaf

2 sprigs thyme

salt and pepper


  1. Put a heavy bottomed pot on the stove and heat 3 Tbsp of olive oil

  2. Throw your onion, carrot, and celery in, season with salt and pepper. Allow the vegetables to sweat out their moisture and soften a bit

  3. put the whole chicken on top of the vegetables and cover the whole chicken with water, turn the heat down to bring to a simmer

  4. Add your bay and thyme. Season the water with salt

  5. Allow to cook 1 hour on low, check your chicken meat for doneness. Continue to simmer until chicken is cooked

  6. Once the chicken is done cooking, remove from the broth and allow to cool slightly.

  7. For a simple and elegant dinner, follow option 1 below:

Option 1: Strain out all your chicken and vegetables, shred your chicken and set aside for another use (chicken salad, tacos, etc.) . Cook your sopresine and add to the clear, seasoned consommé (look how freaking fancy you are! You made consommé! ) Serve is shallow bowls so you can admire your work.

Or you can go with Option 2: This suggestion is the heartier meal. The intention is to sauté off some beautifully cut vegetables (diced to fit on a spoon with ease), then add your shredded meat back to the soup, throw in a sauce bomb or two if you've got it, simmer it together to marry, season and finish with cooked Sopresine and a handful of chopped parsley.


Pretty-It-Up inclusions:

shredded chicken

1 additional carrot, diced and sautéed

1/2 additional onion, diced and sautéed

1 bunch of Italian pasley, roughly chopped

cooked Sopresine

Tomato Sauce Bomb

No matter how you make the soup it is going to be a crowd pleaser and I will personally be so proud of you! If you made the heartier version double points for using the sauce bomb and being a Di Rosco Super Fan and kitchen aficionado.


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