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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Most people enjoy food. From a nourishment standpoint, for a lifestyle, a hobby, each person connects to feeding their body in a singular way. At Di Rosco Arrosticini food and all its accessories (sourcing, preparing, presenting) are all a central part of our lives no matter what other events are going on in the periphery.

While the root of our products are Italian, specifically Abruzzesi, there are more similarities between cultures than differences.

See for yourself and think about what else you can line up together:

Roviolis and Pierogies,

Arrosticini and yakitori,

Bahn mi and porchetta.

Di Rosco Arrosticini is here for you when you need the crave worthy food that you just can't find in the shop downtown.

Available at local events in central PA, at select Farmer's Markets, and on specified days for delivery Di Rosco Arrosticini is your secret weapon to continue to fight for connection with the people around you.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates and availability.

We hope to convert you to the fresh pasta eating, arrosticini craving street fans that we are.

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