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Updated: Apr 28

Welcome back! I don't know how everyone feels, but 2020 has really been a eye opener. I think

of this year like when we were kids and we made the scratch off art. Before the lockdown everyone was running around with their colorful lives and overnight the whole picture was covered up and made into one blank sheet. As the year progresses its been beautiful to see people start to scratch away at that blank sheet and create the picture they want to see. Here's what I've uncovered:

Di Rosco Arrosticini is the brain child of Andrea Roskowski. A few facts to get to know me:

  1. Attended culinary school in Charleston SC

  2. 2 kids, one dachshund

  3. Good food = good life

In our scratch art that is 2020 I decided that I should share the most regional of all Abruzzesi foods: arrosticini. In Abruzzo arrosticini walks a fine line between a festival food and an appetizer. It is appropriate to eat anywhere from 5-25 of these per person in Italy and mostly while standing next to the fornacello as the sizzling meat is handed to you. Don't be rude, eat one more or 10.

Di Rosco Arrosticini kickstarted with a single event and it grew from there. Di Rosco Arrosticini is going to keep plugging away at this year, uncovering more to share with you. I have a few more events before it gets cold out and will continue to be available for fresh and frozen pastas, pierogies, artisan cheese, chocolate and imported olive oil.

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